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    Sanpellegrino Creating Ultimate Taste Experiences

    We focus on premiumness and taste in all our products, crafting the gifts of nature into tasteful experiences while never compromising on quality. Life is richer when it’s lived with taste, and that is part of our goal of nurturing a life rich in experiences and enjoyment.

    Everything we create at Sanpellegrino begins with the gifts of nature: perfectly balanced sparkling mineral water, and carefully selected Mediterranean fruit flavors. Then there’s our history, and our tradition of quality and craftsmanship, with over 120 years of experience exporting Italian refinement around the world.

    Finally, our flair for interpreting new trends and creating new combinations ensures each Sanpellegrino creation is a unique taste experience, turning any dining or drinking occasion into a stylish and delightful moment.


    Taste & Mix

    Cocktails & Mixology with added sparkle

    Looking for inspiration to make your tasty time-outs even more special? Searching for that special drink to linger over at lunchtime or savor as the sun goes down? Sanpellegrino Italian Sparkling Drinks are the perfect starting point for creating a wide variety of delicious cocktails and mocktails, combined with your favorite ingredients, perfectly mixed for the occasion and presented with a dash of Italian creative flair.

    Try these recipes created by expert mixologists and discover a world of sparkling possibilities.

    Mellow Melograno

    Lemor Mix


    After Orange

    Pompelmo Splash

    Rossa Fizz

    Spicy Limonata Collins


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