III Forks Dallas, Signature Manhattan

Enjoy A Cocktail When You DINE!

Watch Jamie Fowler, Bartender at III Forks Dallas, make their Signature Manhattan with Garrison Brothers Bourbon.
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Texas Restaurant Out Of Avocados Serves "Mockamole," Made With Broccoli And Green Peas

Chacho's is a restaurant in San Antonio, and they are facing a slight problem.
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Beef Filet Carpaccio

Dine! III Forks 4th Course Special, Beef Filet Carpaccio

III Forks Beef Filet Carpaccio: orange garlic teriyaki, wasabi ginger cream. Get it for $8, without FedEx Office 4th Course certificate
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FedEx Office Fourth Course Certificate

Get your FedEx Office Fourth Course Certificate here!
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2019 DFW Restaurant Week Participating Restaurants

We've got them all...from A to Z.
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David Johnson & Den Bishop

David Johnson And Den Bishop Preview DFW Restaurant Week Lunch At Chamberlain’s

David Johnson And Den Bishop Preview DFW Restaurant Week Lunch At Chamberlain’s For DFW Restaurant Week's Lunch Experience restaurants click HERE .
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Local Restaurateur Behind East Hampton Sandwich Co. Is Opening A New Steakhouse In Dallas

A new steakhouse is coming to the metroplex. Hunter Ponds, the man behind Dallas hotspots; East Hampton Sandwich Co. and Hudson House, has announced he’s opening Drake’s, a new steakhouse, on Lovers Lane.
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Here Are 5 American Foods That Most Of The World Finds Disgusting

One Redditor took a poll asking everyone what American Food they find the most disgusting, their answers might shock you.
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33% Of Women Will Go On Dates Just For The Free Food

They’re known as “foodie calls."
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Whiskey 101

Whiskey 101: It's All About The Barrel

Making whiskey and bourbon in Texas presents some unique challenges.
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