Dine! Short Ribs At Knife Dallas

Bite into mouth-watering short ribs at the critically-acclaimed restaurant, Knife Dallas.
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Dine! Jody Dean & Bistecca’s Chef Morris Prepare Beef Stew With Basil Dumplings

KLUV’s Jody enjoys another mouth-watering entre’ prepared by Chef, Morris Salerno, with Bistecca. Take a moment to share the experience as they prepare a delectable family recipe of Beef Stew with Basil Dumplings.
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Ocean Prime

Dine! The Signature 'Prime' Roll at Ocean Prime

If you go to Ocean Prime in Dallas, and you are looking for something different for an appetizer, we recommend the Prime Roll. It is delicious.
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Dine: Deviled Eggs At Abacus

Who knew deviled eggs could get any more devilish? Beef bacon does the trick
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Chef John Tesar

Dine: Filet au Poivre & Frites At Knife

Watch as Chef John Tesar uses a European technique with Heartbrand Ranch Akaushi Beef to create Filet au Poivre & Frites.
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Dine: Mouth Watering Steak At Abacus

Take a look at this steak & try to keep your mouth from watering. Scratch that, you won't be able to keep your mouth from watering.
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