Texas Restaurant Out Of Avocados Serves "Mockamole," Made With Broccoli And Green Peas

July 11, 2019

Chacho's is a restaurant in San Antonio, and they are facing a slight problem.

They've run out of avocados.

They only use dark skin, pebbly Hass avocados from Mexico and California, and right now are currently experiencing a shortage.  Though it's only temporary, Chacho's didn't want their customers to go completely without guacamole, so they devised a plan.  

For the time being, Chacho's is serving "mockamole," a guacamole-alternative made out of various green vegetables including broccoli and green peas.  Spices are also added to make a "pretty good tasting product" according to the restaurant.  

Of course, people aren't taking too kindly to the mockamole.

Chacho's management confirmed they could have used frozen avocado pulp instead of crafting their own mockamole, but it tasted so "artificial" they "refused" to use it.

Luckily for Chacho's and guacamole fans, the restaurant expects to receive their normal shipment of avocados next week.

Via My San Antonio