Pecan Pie

Credit:miflippo/Getty Images

Kyle Makes Its Claim To Being Pie Capitol Of Texas

April 16, 2019

Texas State Senator Donna Campbell authored the resolution honoring the city of Kyle and she rolled it out in a Senate committee.

Campbell embraced the pie puns as she made her case, saying, “Folks from all over the country order delicious pies from the Texas Pie Company in Kyle…from pecan to peach to pot pies. The city is a member of the American Pie Council and it certi-pies local businesses for incorporating pie into their operations.”

The city also hosts an annual hot-air balloon festival called 'Pie in the Sky.'

Campbell closed on the resolution reminding members of the State House Administration Committee that voting for the resolution was “as easy as pie.”

Not to be left out State Senator Joan Huffman referred to the resolution as “a very sweet bill.”

If the Resolution is passed Kyle would hold the pie capitol of Texas title till 2029.