B&B BUTCHERS & RESTAURANT Serves up a DFW Restaurant Week LUNCH worthy of blogging!

August 28, 2018

DFW Restaurant Week conjures up images of a dinner date night out, dining at elegant restaurants featuring their chef-driven specialties. The dinner service for Restaurant Week has diners coming back year after year.  A service that is growing in popularity is DFW Restaurant Week LUNCH.  For just $20, you get a choice of two dishes, some similar versions of a dinner service with $4 going to charity.  

B&B Butchers & Restaurant Fort Worth, new to DFW Restaurant Week, has a lunch offering worthy of blogging.  For your $20, you get a choice of five items for the first course and ten items for the second course (with two optional items at an extra charge).   Their goal is to showcase their dishes and win you back.  First, let’s a talk a meatballs!

Executive Chef John Piccolino grew up in Pittsburgh cooking alongside his Italian grandmother.  You can imagine the joy in that kitchen!  Chef John and B&B’s Chief Executive Chef Tommy Elbashary conspired to create the ultimate marinara sauce for their all-beef meatballs using Chef John’s grandmother’s influence.  And they did it.  The fresh herbs and tomatoes come alive with each bite and if it wasn’t a white-linen restaurant, you would be inclined to lick the plate. 

Moving on to the second course, an excellent choice is The Butcher Shop Burger.  This is not your average patty of beef!!  B&B offers two of their five burgers on their Restaurant Week lunch menu, which are made from an 80/20 mix using their filet and USDA Prime in-house dry-aged trimmings.   Add white cheddar cheese, Applewood-smoked bacon, served with steak fries, and you are in burger heaven. 

Another option, for a small fee, is their Reuben sandwich.   Their corned beef is from their own Butcher Shop next door.  The corned beef is piled thick and topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing.  You will most likely take half home because it’s hearty and delicious. 

Still have room?  The New York Cheesecake is a MUST!  If you want that extra 3rd course, please indulge.  Please.  It’s so worth it.  Owner Benjamin Berg is from New York where his great-grandfather was a butcher.  This cheesecake comes directly from his favorite NY bakery.  It’s not the heavy, dense cheesecake that we’ve all had but it’s amazingly light with the right amount of texture.  Adding to the authenticity, it’s served on a plate of the NYC skyline! 

Check out B&B Butchers & Restaurant for lunch and dinner.  While there, check out their Butcher Shop next door and enjoy the feeling of stepping in a NY butcher and deli shop.