Strike Out Straws During DFW Restaurant Week

July 13, 2018

DFW Restaurant Week is underway, and sponsor EarthX hopes you will go "strawless" and help the environment as you enjoy your meal.

As EarthX works toward a goal of "striking out" 1,000,000 single-use plastic straws in North Texas by Earth Day 2019, participating locations are using Restaurant Week to spread awareness of the Strike Out Straws initiative.  EarthX Film's Melanie Yonks said, "We feel like it's a very simple issue that most people are able to drink their drinks without straws.  Most people don't realize that there are approximately 500,000,000 straws that are used every single day in the United States alone."

Yonks says each Restaurant Week patron who takes part in Strike Out Straws is making a big difference.  She said, "By the year 2020, they're estimating there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.  And this is just something we, as human beings, have to stop.  And this is one way that's really simple to start the process, where we can stop using single-use plastic."

Earth X says even if you prefer to use a straw during your meal, you can ask for a biodegradable alternative.  For more information, ask your server during DFW Restaurant Week.