Succulent Sea Scallop Surf & Turf Appetizer at Ocean Prime

Executive Chef Sonny Pache talks about his Sea Scallops Surf & Turf Appetizer, with Pan Seared Sea Scallops, Braised Short Ribs, Whipped Potato, and Cabernet Jus!
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Dine! Beef Tenderloin At Bistecca Italian Steakhouse

KLUV’s Jody Dean shares a second recipe from the kitchen with award-winning chef, Morris Salerno, who draws from his rich family heritage to serve up new American cuisine with an Italian touch.
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Dine: Deviled Eggs At Abacus

Who knew deviled eggs could get any more devilish? Beef bacon does the trick
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Chef John Tesar

Dine: Filet au Poivre & Frites At Knife

Watch as Chef John Tesar uses a European technique with Heartbrand Ranch Akaushi Beef to create Filet au Poivre & Frites.
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Dine: Mouth Watering Steak At Abacus

Take a look at this steak & try to keep your mouth from watering. Scratch that, you won't be able to keep your mouth from watering.
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