Zatar Lebanese Tapas and Bar serves up the Shawarma Experience

August 13, 2018

Have you had a shawarma experience? 

No, it’s not a rite of passage but a culinary experience you will want to do more than once.  According to Wikipedia, a shawarma is “a Levantine Arab meat preparation, where thin cuts of lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, veal, or mixed meats are stacked in a cone-like shape on a vertical rotisserie”. Zatar’s shawarma comes with lamb or chicken, roasted tableside with pita, hummus, pickles, tomatoes, fresh chopped parsley, onions, French fries and sauce, set for a party of four. While the meat is roasting at your table, sip some crafty cocktails or Lebanese wine – the KSARA Cab is particularly nice.  For those who want something tasty and light, try the Cucumber Gimlet.  It comes with Effen Cucumber Vodka, elderflower and Dolin Blanc.  You can substitute gin if you’re not a vodka fan.  For apps, enjoy their Watermelon Salad dressed with sumac, feta, olives and baby arugula.  This light sweetness was a tasty compliment to the Cheese Cigars, a crunchy cigar of salty Lebanese cheese wrapped in wonton and fried.  Hummus lover?  Traditional, beets, garlic…Zatar’s house made hummus is spectacular.  By now you may be stuffed but somehow squeeze in their signature dessert:  chocolate cake with layers of halva.  This very light chocolate cake and smooth cream filling was decadent.  This cake is made especially for Zatar from a Lebanese baker in Oklahoma who ships it down. 

Zatar’s menu for restaurant week will include several entrée choices including lamb shank served with fragrant beef and raisin rice.  Since the shawarma is for a party of four, it was hard to fit the 3-course menu requirement so you must return to Zatar for it on another trip.  And, you will return, whether it’s for dining inside or sitting out in their open air patio and hookah bar.  A real Lebanese experience.  When you visit Zatar, be sure to ask for owner Marc Mansour.  Incredibly personable and loves sharing his passion for good Mediterranean food.